Braiding your hair with these basic tips and trick

If you are interested in finding out the answer of how to braid hair, then ensure you have landed at a proper position . Here you will get to see some of the basic steps essential for hair braiding. Some instructions shown below with little bit of practice could give you the proper number of edge to get your desired fluffy twist or spring twist. Now, check these steps of braiding hair.

To begin, you first need a wide tooth comb or brush to simply detangle your hair. You first have to comb all your hair before trying any braid style. If your hair is hard and you want to make it soft, all you need to do is to add some number of braid oil or simply water. Now you just have to divide your hair into three different sections by using one at the suitable and other with your left hand and leaving the third one in the middle. Now the second step is to cross and grab your left hand section over your middle section using your thumb and index finger with your left hand for the natural hair braid styles.

Now you need to cross the proper hand section over your middle section by shifting your strand which falls between your thumb and index finger. By using these fingers, you now have to grab the section of your hair which is closed to your suitable palm for your desired natural braid hairstyles. Now you need to tighten your bomb twist, kinky twist or fluffy twist braids the moment you seem to change your hands but ensure you avoid pulling it too hard. You are not are necessary to keep the braiding process on using your fingers( thumb and index finger) and at the same time grab your hair at the back . Gradually, you need to make your strands tight till you finish them all.

Now, make sure you repeat the discussed steps till you get out of your dressing room with few inch of unbraided hair at the lower end. You are supposed to wrap it for a amount of times using any non rubber elastic using kinky locks to braid hair. Better make certain you just let alone using the rubber bands from any stationary store as they could damage your hair and thus can make it very hard to remove when you end up your day.

In order to make the braid natural hair you could do this by adding some colorful ribbon in your hair along with the bow in your braids.. Things like nubi nubi, eon hair or Nubian silk or any other hair ornament could just make effects beautiful. Now with the unique and dissimilar hair braiding style walk away with some unfamiliar style and pride at any party and see feel the difference by being a center of attraction.

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